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BATALO (bah-TAH-lo) n. a battle, fight, engagement, combat, struggle. [Esperanto]


Base: A protected space for your column.
Defend it from your opponent’s pieces.
Capture your opponent’s base to win

stone image Stones: You have six stones.
You can move them to neighboring spaces or hop them over your own pieces.
Use some as a wall around your base and send the others out to attack your opponent’s base.

column image
Columns: Your column is your most powerful piece.
Move it like one of your stones or slide it across the board.
While it’s on your base, it can’t be captured.
Only your column can capture your opponent’s pieces.
Use your column with your stones to overcome your opponent’s column.


Carrying Tube: 13" x 2.5" dia. capped cardboard tube
Gameboard: 12"x12" silkscreened waterproof vinyl
Black Pieces: 1 column and 6 stones
White Pieces: 1 column and 6 stones
Drawstring Bag: holds 14 game pieces
Charts master sheet: for recording games
Mailers master sheet: for playing by mail

Try out the Batalo on a Shockwave gameboard.

Esperanto is an artifical language invented in 1887 by Dr. Ludwig L. Zamenhof, a Russian philologist living in Poland. Intended for international use, it was based on the commonest words in the most important European languages of the time. There are an estimated eight million Esperanto users in the world today.

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