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Quick Rules

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Get one of your pieces onto your opponent’s base!


Place your column on your base and your stones on the spaces around it.


You must move a piece each turn.

Your Stones can:
1) move one space, or hop over one of your other pieces.
2) keep hopping when your pieces are set up for it.
3) hop over your base, but not occupy it.
4) not capture your opponent's pieces.

Your Column can:
1) move any way your stones can.
2) slide in a straight line when clear.
3) occupy your base or slide through it.
4) capture your opponent’s pieces by landing on them.
5) not be captured while on your base.

* Download the Batalo Rulebook.pdf (618k) for complete details and diagrams.

Download the Batalo Example Game Quicktime movie to study the moves of a saved game.

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