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The Amethyst Heart cover and interior layout design, and compositing
From My Heart to Yours cover and interior layout design, and compositing
Long May They Wave cover and interior layout design, and compositing
Runnin' front matter and photo spread design, and compositing
Sinning in the City front matter design, cartoon editing, and compositing
The Parent Coach cover and interior layout design, and compositing
Rapid Evolution interior layout design and compositing
Jerry Garcia's Tour of the Afterlife interior layout design and compositing
The Rainbow Bridge cover and interior layout design, and compositing
Pilgrimage to the Mother
cover and interior layout design, and compositing

Somatic Patterning
trained author in Photoshop, InDesign, book production, and web page creation


EMS Press design, maintenance (plus javascript order form), trained site owner
Maxair Engineering Miva shoppping cart integration, site update
K-G Enterprises design, StoreSense shopping cart
MArtsLine design (plus javascript order form)
The Education Exchange Network design (plus javascript order form)
Snow Lotus design, maintenance (plus javascript order form)

Alandi Gurukula design, maintenance
Alandi Ashram design, maintenance
Alakananda Ma
design, maintenance
Heavy Meadow design, maintenance (plus RealAudio and MP3 songs)
Dakini's Cave design, maintenance
Sanctuary of Illumination design

training and production
Jasmin Cori designed content management systme (CMS) website, trained website owner
The Rucker Archive web page and graphics production
Nature's Reflections trained website creator
Custom Ponds trained website creator, provided technical assitance
D. Bruce Bennett Celtic Art trained website creator

Digital Harmonics [this web site]
Harmony Games design (my first web site, 1993)

image editing

The Dairy Center for the Arts cows
DataTrax Brochure cover
Decisionism heads
Fluid Dynamics piranhas
Jeppesen pilot, toolbox, and wrench
Life Partners Group flag logos
Mitchell/Paul Advertising monitor

Outlast foot and signpost

Schwinn Fitness Catalog cover
Scott Harmon business card
Teleydyne brackets

photo retouching
Lannie (subtle cosmetic retouching)
Monica (radical cosmetic retouching)
Kelsey House (discoloration, fingerprints, stains, scratches, rips and holes

Harmony Games logos
Outlast layers diagram
Life Partners Group piechart
Rack ‘n‘ Roll instructions

Harmony Games illustrations
Time Warp t-shirt
3D images
Fluid Dynamics polymer model
Decisionism heads
SCC 911 raised-type
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