digital harmonics
Pen & Ink (click to enlarge) Colored Pencil (click to enlarge) Final (click to enlarge)

This was my first major Photoshop project. My friend Bob Rhett created this T-shirt for our local comic shop. He drew the pen and ink line drawing and I scanned it and printed a copy for him. Then he used colored pencils to show me what colors he was thinking of. I scanned his color art and used it (with a blur applied) for the girl, the apes, the tree trunk and the foreground bushes.

Because I was using Photoshop 2.5, I didn't have layers to work with as I would now. I scanned the line art in 1-bit black and white (no grays) so I could have sharp masks. I masked different sections and saved each mask in seperate files (I ended up with 35). I could load a mask as a selection and fill with colors or airbrush into the masked area without affecting other parts of the illustration. The type was created in Illustrator and the Photoshop TIF was placed in underneath it.

Bob also drew all the line art for my board game Batalo. I colored those illustrations as well, hoping to produce a deluxe version of the game (I never sold enough games to get that far).

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